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A Few Favorite Things

Usually I consider myself the queen of gift-giving, but this year had me really stumped for some reason. Somehow I kept coming across great gifts for myself, but none for anyone I was actually looking for. : ) OOps. I thought I’d share in case they fit someone on your list…

Belmont Brass Flask ($32.99)
I’ve seen a lot of flasks around, but none of them are as cute as this one! I’m not sure what occasion calls for a flask, but I feel like it’s a good investment and an “adult” thing to have (lol).


Mint Mason Jar ($22.95)
Another thing that I’m not sure what I would use it for, but would DEFINITELY find a place for it if it was in my possession. A girl can never have too many cute containers. Plus, obsessed with that color.


Attiva Mini Gold Casserole Dishes ($380)
HOLY BEAUTIFUL. And yes, holy splurge. These are what I would buy for myself on a random Tuesday if I was Kim K.


Pretty Prints
I am SUCH a sucker for cute prints. These ones have been on my mind since I laid eyes on them.
(Killing It, $17 | Uh Huh Honey, $17 | Top Knot by Elizabeth Mayville, $20 | I Saw Her in the Library by The Black Apple, $36)

Sparq Wine Pearls ($22.95)
So you can stop putting ice in your wine once and for all.


Sugar Paper Washi Tape ($6)
I bought this for myself because $6. I love using washi tape for decorating cards, hanging stuff up at work, and as labels for pretty much anything.


Gold Foil State Maps ($34, unframed)
Super pretty and easy gift.

Aaaaaand I just realized almost everything on here is GOLD. Gold is the new stripes, maybe? Happy Monday!


Currently Loving . . .

. . .

Just checking in to share a few things that I’m loving lately. : )

These 2015 calendars by 1canoe2 are absolutely beautiful. We teamed up with them at work to produce a few 2016 calendars (such an amazing experience working with them and see the calendars come to life!), so look for those coming in mid-2015. For now, I’m obsessed with this one and this one.

My mom and I stopped in my favorite coffee shop last weekend when she came to visit, and they were offering granola tastings from a little shop in Hoboken called Bounty. We were easily convinced to purchase the Dark Chocolate kind and it is delicious. Never been a granola girl, but now I am.

I always enjoy reading Cup of Jo, especially Caroline’s posts, so when they posted Caroline’s beauty uniform, I immediately bookmarked and wishlisted almost every product she mentioned (and bought the hot air brush!).

Nashville started up again recently and it made me fall in love with Lennon & Maisy all over again (that song at the wedding rehearsal!?!!?). Then I saw this on Facebook and it is now currently on repeat. Also loving Ecstasy by Calvin Harris and Love Yourz by J. Cole.

Still reading Wild and loving it, but I’m excited to read fiction/YA next. Considering Althea & Oliver, All the Bright Places, or Funny Girl (which everyone is talking about).

Good words, good vibes.

This makes me laugh EVERY SINGLE TIME.

And on the beauty front, my good friend Leanna had a few recommendations of her own . . .

  • This sexy scent, with notes of fruit and sandalwood and grapefruit wood. Heavenly.
  • These yummy chips for a healthier afternoon snack.
  • This multi-purpose kit for all the skin issues that winter brings.
  • And a new body wash to try next time you run out.

Have a great week, my loves!



Currently L o v i n g . . .

1. Coach Taylor. I can’t decide who I love more: Coach Taylor or Tami Taylor. They’re both insanely beautiful, have hearts of gold, and make me smile. TEXAS FOREVER. AMEN.

PS – Check out this neat little digital series that combines Friday Night Lights + Parenthood. Obsessed. Also, apparently Sarah and Adam are dating in real life. I can’t handle this image.

2. GapFit half-zip pullover. I saved up my pennies to buy this little number and it’s safe to say that I practically live in it on the weekends along with my yoga pants. I like that it’s a tiny bit classier than a sweatshirt, even if I’m still rocking sneaks, a baseball hat, and unwashed hair. A girl’s still gotta feel glam, right? (Never mind that it’s actually for “running.”)

3. Tampa. This book is seriously disturbing. I go back and forth on it every time I pick it up, but I’m still about halfway through. It’s basically Gone Girl meets Fifty Shades of Grey. If that doesn’t make you read about it, I don’t know what will. Also, THAT COVER (it’s faux-velvet).

4. Air plants. How freakin’ cute are these babies?!?! Even though I’m desperately trying to keep Nora and Isabel alive (let’s just say they missed my attentiveness while I was on vacation), I reallllly want one of these for our bay window or my room.

Air Plants  Suspend 1 or a dozen ... incredibly easy DIY plant project

Trying my very best to be a good plant mom. (In addition to being a good dogsitter. You probably saw this picture already, but seriously, how adorable?)


5. Electric Blanket shop. Victoria over at sfgirlbybay posted a little review about this shop in the Mission and I can’t wait to check it out! The pictures are just gorgeous. Definitely worth a venture into the neighborhood, even if it’s not my favorite place in the city. Who wants to romp around town with me?


6. Clementine’s daily quotes. Always a good pick-me-up for any and every morning. They’re posted on Instagram too, so be sure to follow along for your daily dose of words. :) Jessica Swift also creates the loveliest quotes in her paintings. Check out her shop and blog for more! I loved her recent post on appreciating the journey.

Inspirational Quote

by Jessica Swift

Hope you have a wonderful short week!

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Tiny Corners of the World

r e a d s

When You’re In Transition: Being Patient and Accepting Uncertainty via Tiny Buddha

7 Things to Remember When You Think You’re Not Good Enough via Tiny Buddha

Breaking Up and Moving On via The Everygirl // How a breakup is similar to moving.

Treasure Yourself by Miranda Kerr // Added to my to-read list due to a friend’s recommendation. But I made a promise to myself I am not buying any more books until I read EVERYTHING on my bookshelf. Far too many books in my possession that I haven’t read yet!

It Feels Good to Be Lost in the Right Direction via living deliberately

e a t s

Mushroom Risotto via A Cup of Jo

Salsa Verde Burgers via Skinnytaste

Quinoa-Stuffed Bell Peppers via A Beautiful Mess

Shrimp Saganaki via The Londoner

a r t w o r k s

Believe in Your Own Wonderfulness via Jessica Swift

Hogwarts Express Travel Poster via 716 Designs on Etsy // They also have Felix Felicis and Hogsmeade prints!

Two for Today photography via elephantine

p r e t t i e s

Anna Kendrick’s Grammys dress // STUNNING.

Gorgeous textile prints via sfgirlbybay

Tortoise Link Strand via Kendi Everyday & BaubleBar // Sold out, though—so sad.

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Currently L o v i n g . . .

1. More Love Letters. I was reading Big Dreams Big City the other day and Meaghan wrote a wonderful post about this lovely organization, which simply believes that the world needs more love letters. People can write love letters and leave them in random places to be found or write a love letter to someone in need. You can also nominate someone who needs some lovins for a love letter bundle. How freakin’ beautiful, right?! What I like about MLL compared to Snail Mail My Email is you can use your own words to uplift someone. It doesn’t need to be decorated or fancied up. I can’t wait to start writing!

2. Lighten Up ShoppeI stopped by one of my fave little shops, Urban Bazaar, in the Inner Sunset over the weekend and picked up a handmade soy candle. I don’t know if it’s because it’s handmade or has soy wax instead of paraffin, but this candle is AMAZING. Its scent lasts for days and has my room smelling like blackberry vanilla heaven. I thought maybe I would give it as Christmas present, but in reality I just can’t resist a good candle. Also, the JAR. The owner makes all her candles in cute little mason jars, some of which are spray painted, with cute patterned tops. I love buying candles in containers that I know I’ll use again.  Win win win.

3. ABM Book Club. Umm, best news ever. If you haven’t signed up for their newsletter yet, it’s a must. I was so surprised and excited to get the first one in my email and discover that they’re starting a book club in 2014 and the first book is The Interestings by Meg Wolitzer! I picked it up a while ago and have been wanting to read it, but just haven’t gotten around to it. Now I have the perfect excuse and can’t wait to learn more about how they’re going to tackle a virtual book club. *breaks into song: theeeese are a few of my favorite thiiiings…*
4. Independent Bookstores of America. Book lover Morgan Weiss traveled 48 states to tell the stories of 49 independent bookstores through photos. Obviously you know I’m a bookstore freak, so I think this is pretty neat. What a cool way to document these lovely places. Check out the directory on her website to look at the photos and read more about the tour.

Her pick for California: Green Apple Books in San Francisco. My favorite!

5. Why Rejection is Rad. I was feeling down last week after I didn’t get a job I interviewed for and my mom sent me this article from The Daily Love to cheer me up. I was fully prepared to wallow the entire night, but something about this article made sense to me and turned my mood around pretty quickly. Mastin Kipp’s (founder of TDL) bio is also pretty inspiring. Jack wins second place for sending me this article to make me smile. How can you NOT be happy after that?!!?6. This playlist. Here are my tunes for December. It’s officially me and Spotify’s one-year anniversary and I couldn’t be more in love.

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Currently L o v i n g . . .

1. Happiness Is. . . Um, in love with this concept and their illustrations. Reading them makes me SO happy. Seriously, try it.


Here are a few of mine:
Happiness is the crosswalk light turning green as soon as you approach.
Happiness is talking to a loved one.
Happiness is reading Harry Potter.
Happiness is getting to work before everyone else.
Happiness is enjoying an everything bagel while reading the morning’s blog posts.

2. On Growing by Megan Gilger. I tweeted about this post, but I have to give it more love here on the blog as well. I loved the line, “Creating does not always mean you must make or do, instead it can be about how you view a moment, a space, or a person.” Her personal posts are my absolute favorite.

3. My bookstore quest. My favorite activity used to be a trip to the local Barnes and Noble, which is quickly changing to the nearest used bookstore. It’s like coming home. Is that weird? The smell, the books, the quirkiness. MMMMMhmm. I’ve crossed two off my list already with three books to prove it. My wallet thanks me ($7.50 for a hardcover Harry Potter? um, hello) and my heart sings.

4. Project Life!!! Okay, well, I haven’t started it yet, but that’s only because I’m waiting for my supplies! For those of you who don’t know what it is, it’s like a photo album but with a bit of an artsy scrapbooking twist. I ordered two sets of cards on Etsy, a photo album, and a big pack of pages. I am SOSOSO excited. I’ll try to share some of my pages soon.

5. This print. Gotta love some lady sass + beautiful artwork. Consequently stalked the stuffing out of her and am pretty sure I’m now her #1 fan. Cute art blogs are my fave.
GrownAssLady_8x10_Photo-475x5706. Sweet tunes. Hope you enjoy my latest playlist as much as I do. ♥ (Just realized three song titles have the phrase “wake up” in them. Interesting. . .)

PS – No book reviews for a while because I’m rereading Harry Potter. Currently on #4 and loving every second of it. I love a book that demands I sit down and read it. Nerd status right here.

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Currently L o v i n g . . .

1. #standup4girls. October 11 is International Day of the Girl and to celebrate, LitWorld is encouraging women, men, girls and boys to tell the story of an inspirational woman or girl. Their Stand Up For Girls campaign gathers these stories and promotes them worldwide in hopes of showing girls the influence they can achieve through reading and writing. {523 million girls and women worldwide cannot read or write.} To participate, fill in and print out the official sign and take a picture to post on social media with the tag #standup4girls. You can also physically stand up at noon your time on 10/11 (you’ll be standing up with thousands of other girls, boys, women and men around the world), share a story, or donate to the cause here. Words can’t express how amazing this is.


2. Twin Forks. My favorite band of all time is Dashboard Confessional. I remember buying A Mark, A Mission, A Brand, A Scar at Target in like, 8th grade, soon after discovering them–I still have it today and it is my favorite album EVER.  It is high school to me, but brings up only good memories. Kind of like Sarah Dessen. Chris Carrabba, the lead singer, was also my favorite concert ever. DO YOU UNDERSTAND I LOVE HIM? I routinely check their tour page and during my most recent visit discovered that Chris is with a new band now called Twin Forks, and the music is just as amazing (!!!!!!). AND they are doing a concert here in two weeks (!!!!!!!!). Freeeeeeeaking out. Here’s another lovely throwback I’m loving.


3. Skull photography. I stopped in a really cute store in the Inner Sunset last Friday and this photograph by Misha Ashton-Moore has been haunting (hehe) me ever since. I didn’t buy it then, but I might have to go back and add it to my gallery wall. There’s something so scarily beautiful about them.

il_570xN.369678536_5g8pMore favorites.





4. This damn beautiful city.


Lovely photo by Kayla, one of my first friends in SF!