Girl + Wine: A Love Story


Saatchi Online Artist: Jessica Rae Sommer; Mixed Media, 2012, Painting "Wednesday"

Remember when we talked about how I’m kind of a fitness freak now? Yeap, that happened. And now things are getting even weirder around these parts… I joined a health challenge at work. As in I had to pay $30 to join (the pool is approximately $300, so totally understandable, right?). Whoever loses the most body fat in two months is the winner.

So obviously since I’m “flat-ass broke” as my mom likes to call it (not sure if that’s really a thing but. hi mom!), this is kinda a big deal. Which brings me to the wine. I love the wine. All the wine. But the wine does not mix with this health challenge. And so it’s really putting a damper on my social life. Whether it was just a few glasses of vino at dinner, after-work happy hour, or full-on party mode, drinking was always a big part of socializing. Truthfully, I’m actually loving the whole not-drinking thing. I love, love, looove waking up feeling fantastic and going to a (somewhat) early spin or yoga class on the weekends. But what to do when friends want to spend the night at the bar or go out for dinner and drinks? Have you guys experienced this before? I’d love your advice. : ) xo


"Bold" might as well be her middle name.
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Author: Rachael

Book lover + editor, feminist, California soul + New York state of mind.

4 thoughts on “Girl + Wine: A Love Story

  1. First, LOVE that image! Where’d you find that beauty? Second, good luck. I am awful with peer pressure. But at the very least find something else to drink when you’re out, even if it’s just water! I have to have some form of liquid crutch when I’m trying to cut myself off early in the evening for one reason or another. Good luck girl!

  2. I am also trying to be healthy and I also love the wine. Wine is my downfall. I can’t help you. Go on without me…

    Charlotte | Smudgeness

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