The Boycott


I recently declared myself on a boycott. I deleted the dating apps, deleted the numbers. After just getting back into the dating world, it all became a little over(under?)whelming. So I did my thang without any distractions.

That lasted about two weeks.

Life being life, I heard from someone out of the blue. So I went on a date. A good date. And a second one.

And then I realized why I went on a boycott in the first place. Because why am I getting all hot and bothered if he doesn’t text me? (Maybe he will, maybe he won’t.) Why am I hoping to hear from someone I’ve known for a week? (I was doing just fine before that, thank you very much.) Yeah, he’s cool. Yeah, it’s nice to feel a spark again. But is it worth being even a little sad if I don’t hear from him again? Absolutely not.

Still, it seems like my girlfriends and I are always talking about boys–did he call, did you have fun on that date, he did what!?! But this is also one of my favorite parts of dating: telling my girlfriends about it the next day. They are the ones who get me, who know me, who always text back. They are my cheerleaders, my hope when I’ve given up, and my sounding board for every single detail.

So maybe there is a point to all of the bad dates, the good dates, and everything in between. They are the stories we share with our best friends, the crazy tales we’ll tell together when we’re old ladies, the conversations that make me burst out laughing in a quiet office. Because after all . . .


I love you guys.


Author: Rachael

Book lover + editor, feminist, California soul + New York state of mind.

3 thoughts on “The Boycott

  1. I absolutely love this post, Rachael! Hope you’re doing well.:)


  2. If it is meant to be it will be. Stop searching, it will find you. Gramma

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