Eleanor & Park


AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! THIS BOOK. This book was the one that got me out of my reading slump and reminded me why I LOVE to read. Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell is the beautiful love story of two 16-year-old misfits as they navigate the highs and lows of high school. When Eleanor moves to Omaha, Nebraska with her wild “wine-red” hair and oversized men’s t-shirts, Park is just another student who doesn’t get her. Although he knows that she has the potential to ruin his barely-there “in” with the cool crowd, he lets her sit next to him on the bus when no one else will budge. The two form an unlikely friendship that blossoms into something neither of them ever fathomed. Set in 1986, this book will pull you back to the rawest parts of being a teenager and remind you what it feels like to experience love for the first time. The writing, the characters, the story–everything is captivating and grand and heartbreakingly sad and just so lovely without ever getting mushy or cliche. It is nothing like a typical high school love story, and that’s why I adore it so much.

PS – They’re making it a movie, so all the more reason to pick it up. : )



Author: Rachael

Book lover + editor, feminist, California soul + New York state of mind.

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