A Special Guest Post: Life Lessons with Rebecca

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Most of you know my younger sister, Rebecca (aka Boo Boo). That means you also know that she is quite the character. We won’t go there for now. Anyway, she is pretty bored and thinking about taking up blogging, so this is her trial run. It goes like this with Boo: either she is telling me the worst story EVER or giving me the wisest advice that I would expect from a 70-year-old. That being said, I think we all have a lot to learn from a 22-year-old psych major living at home with her parents (she’s working on it).


So Rachy’s giving me the privilege of “guest posting” on her blog… Whatever that means. As you will see, I’m a little new to the blog world but bear with me. For starters, I just graduated college and now I’m dealing with what I like to call severe post-grad depression. Is this normal? I guess I’m just not understanding how life can POSSIBLY get better than college? Yep, I’m still in that stage. Maybe I just can’t imagine the thought of not being a student anymore. Instead I’m just unemployed. And single. Single & unemployed… And you wonder why I’m depressed. Just kidding. I genuinely enjoy being single… Most of the time. Anyway, I did have an interview the other day so there’s some hope for me out there.

I will never forget the day I was forced to say goodbye to Oswego, or should I say college? Easily one of the worst days of my life. But (!), I’m slowly learning that life goes on. Yes, I had to say goodbye to college (and the parties and the $3 long islands and 152 ♥) but I did not have to say goodbye to all the friendships I made there. Isn’t that what really matters? It’s definitely a transition (to say the least) from living with five of your best friends to living with your mom and dad, but I am so thankful that I have my precious friendships to hold on to because really, what would college have been without those friendships?

Rachael keeps insisting that “it gets better” and that I have “so much to look forward to” and when I’m not thinking inside my head that she doesn’t understand, I know she is probably right. I guess this is my “Dear sister” response to her “On Life After College” post from a few months ago. I’m slowly realizing that, as much any sister hates to admit when the other sister is right, Rachael might know a thing or two when it comes to long-distance friendships. I’m realizing that maybe some people are meant “to be together to teach each other, to reveal and enhance different parts of life they wouldn’t have experienced otherwise,” even if it is only for a certain amount of time. College would have never been the same without all the people I met there, and even though I know most (but not all) of us will grow apart, I am so grateful for those friendships and all they have taught me.

With that said, it’s time for me to start the next chapter of my life. And I mean hey, on the plus side, there are a few post-grad benefits: it only takes one glass of wine for me to feel tipsy, I’m not eating Kraft mac & cheese every other night (this is involuntary but still), and NO MORE papers, exams, finals, midterms, etc. (until grad school that is). So life is okay… I’m dealing with it. This is just the bittersweetness of the beginning of what is going to be a very interesting journey. I may or may not start my own blog…

xo, boo (the sis)


Author: Rachael

Book lover + editor, feminist, California soul + New York state of mind.

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