A New Perspective


Oh hello. Rachy here. I’m really thankful that I have such a good friend like Leanna who has been bugging me about blogging so much that I finally decided to do it. THIS ONE’S FOR YOU GIRL.

Welp, where to begin? I got a job, if you didn’t already know. So I packed up my life in a week and hitched five suitcases across the country to rainy upstate New York. Story of my life. Then my sister actually graduated college so I was privileged enough to witness that party like I was back in college before heading to Outer Banks for a week of vaca with the fam. Then we came back and I scoured Craigslist like a maniac all while trying not to cry because… Craigslist. Everything was pretty much deja vu at this point because then my mom and I drove down to the city to look at places and it was quite the experience. Activities included: getting a parking ticket, driving through Chinatown, driving through Brooklyn, hating Brooklyn, skipping appointments, eating taco salad and pizza, being the only car with the top down while listening to Empire State of Mind. Fun times. In typical Rachael fashion, we found an apartment at the very last minute so YAY. I can’t move in until mid-July, so I am currently subletting a room on the Upper West Side.

It all happened so fast and sometimes I can’t believe I’m back in New York, the city that broke my heart and my head about a million times last year. I promised myself I would give it a real chance this time around, and already it feels a little different (+ a job, – a boyfriend). But to be honest, I’m missing San Francisco with all my heart. I fell deeply in love with that beautiful city, and so in many ways, moving to New York felt like a breakup. I ache for my home there every day. Sometimes it feels like it was all just a dream, but my heart is bursting with memories and friendships that make me realize it was real and fun and very special. Because of San Francisco, I know how it feels to be truly content–with a place and most importantly, myself. And I guess that’s something to smile about.

But the thing about looking at New York through teary eyes is that it gives you a new perspective. So here I am again, determined more than ever not to let New York take anything else from me or turn me into someone I’m not. Because she has taken enough, and I really like the girl I came to be on the West Coast–stronger, more confident, a little more adventurous. This time (or at least until I move back to the city by the bay), New York doesn’t stand a chance.


Author: Rachael

Book lover + editor, feminist, California soul + New York state of mind.

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