The Most Beautiful Man in the World


I’m feeling antsy today. Every so often, I get this way. Usually I quell it by doing something drastic, like getting a new ear piercing or getting bangs (!) or splurging on an expensive gift for myself. We will see . . .  :)

Book wise, I’m in the middle of Allegiant, the third (and last–tear!) book of the Divergent series. OBSESSED. When I started reading the first one, I thought it was too much like Hunger Games and I just wanted Tris and Tobias to GET IT ON ALREADY. Then I wised up and decided I like it better than Hunger Games, consequently devouring the rest of the series. Sooo if you haven’t checked it out yet, do.

I also really loved the movie, so I would recommend that if you aren’t too keen on picking up the books. It is one of the first movies based on a book that I really connected with. The opening scenes made me cry because it was so on. Of course there are major differences, but so will always be the case when it comes to book-to-screen adaptions. Shailene Woodley was everything I imagined Tris to be and more. She is my new favorite. ♥

And let’s all get to the OTHER reason the movie was so amazing. I mean. He is absolute perfection. Even his real name, Theo James, is just too good to be true. What a nice treat for two and a half hours . . .  Just sayin’. MAN CRUSH EVERY DAY.


Author: Rachael

Book lover + editor, feminist, California soul + New York state of mind.

2 thoughts on “The Most Beautiful Man in the World

  1. Ughhh I agree with everything on this post!!

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