Currently L o v i n g . . .


1. Coach Taylor. I can’t decide who I love more: Coach Taylor or Tami Taylor. They’re both insanely beautiful, have hearts of gold, and make me smile. TEXAS FOREVER. AMEN.

PS – Check out this neat little digital series that combines Friday Night Lights + Parenthood. Obsessed. Also, apparently Sarah and Adam are dating in real life. I can’t handle this image.

2. GapFit half-zip pullover. I saved up my pennies to buy this little number and it’s safe to say that I practically live in it on the weekends along with my yoga pants. I like that it’s a tiny bit classier than a sweatshirt, even if I’m still rocking sneaks, a baseball hat, and unwashed hair. A girl’s still gotta feel glam, right? (Never mind that it’s actually for “running.”)

3. Tampa. This book is seriously disturbing. I go back and forth on it every time I pick it up, but I’m still about halfway through. It’s basically Gone Girl meets Fifty Shades of Grey. If that doesn’t make you read about it, I don’t know what will. Also, THAT COVER (it’s faux-velvet).

4. Air plants. How freakin’ cute are these babies?!?! Even though I’m desperately trying to keep Nora and Isabel alive (let’s just say they missed my attentiveness while I was on vacation), I reallllly want one of these for our bay window or my room.

Air Plants  Suspend 1 or a dozen ... incredibly easy DIY plant project

Trying my very best to be a good plant mom. (In addition to being a good dogsitter. You probably saw this picture already, but seriously, how adorable?)


5. Electric Blanket shop. Victoria over at sfgirlbybay posted a little review about this shop in the Mission and I can’t wait to check it out! The pictures are just gorgeous. Definitely worth a venture into the neighborhood, even if it’s not my favorite place in the city. Who wants to romp around town with me?


6. Clementine’s daily quotes. Always a good pick-me-up for any and every morning. They’re posted on Instagram too, so be sure to follow along for your daily dose of words. :) Jessica Swift also creates the loveliest quotes in her paintings. Check out her shop and blog for more! I loved her recent post on appreciating the journey.

Inspirational Quote

by Jessica Swift

Hope you have a wonderful short week!


Author: Rachael

Book lover + editor, feminist, California soul + New York state of mind.

4 thoughts on “Currently L o v i n g . . .

  1. Um so, the airplants are awesome and SO you.

    Also now I want to read Tampa! You just combined two of my favorite books…but perhaps i should wait until you finish for the final recommendation….

  2. I saw Tampa in the bookstore a few weeks ago and I’ve been considering getting it. Also lovin’ that pullover.:)

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