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1. Happiness Is. . . Um, in love with this concept and their illustrations. Reading them makes me SO happy. Seriously, try it.


Here are a few of mine:
Happiness is the crosswalk light turning green as soon as you approach.
Happiness is talking to a loved one.
Happiness is reading Harry Potter.
Happiness is getting to work before everyone else.
Happiness is enjoying an everything bagel while reading the morning’s blog posts.

2. On Growing by Megan Gilger. I tweeted about this post, but I have to give it more love here on the blog as well. I loved the line, “Creating does not always mean you must make or do, instead it can be about how you view a moment, a space, or a person.” Her personal posts are my absolute favorite.

3. My bookstore quest. My favorite activity used to be a trip to the local Barnes and Noble, which is quickly changing to the nearest used bookstore. It’s like coming home. Is that weird? The smell, the books, the quirkiness. MMMMMhmm. I’ve crossed two off my list already with three books to prove it. My wallet thanks me ($7.50 for a hardcover Harry Potter? um, hello) and my heart sings.

4. Project Life!!! Okay, well, I haven’t started it yet, but that’s only because I’m waiting for my supplies! For those of you who don’t know what it is, it’s like a photo album but with a bit of an artsy scrapbooking twist. I ordered two sets of cards on Etsy, a photo album, and a big pack of pages. I am SOSOSO excited. I’ll try to share some of my pages soon.

5. This print. Gotta love some lady sass + beautiful artwork. Consequently stalked the stuffing out of her and am pretty sure I’m now her #1 fan. Cute art blogs are my fave.
GrownAssLady_8x10_Photo-475x5706. Sweet tunes. Hope you enjoy my latest playlist as much as I do. ♥ (Just realized three song titles have the phrase “wake up” in them. Interesting. . .)

PS – No book reviews for a while because I’m rereading Harry Potter. Currently on #4 and loving every second of it. I love a book that demands I sit down and read it. Nerd status right here.


Author: Rachael

Book lover + editor, feminist, California soul + New York state of mind.

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