Her Story: Nicole Mestice

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One of my very best friends decided to show up to the blog today, so let’s give her a big welcome. She thought long and hard about these questions, so I hope you enjoy them as much as I did. We are two of a kind (read our love story here) and I will never forget meeting her my first day in London. Enjoy!

nicolemesticeAge: Recently 22
Hometown: Campbell, CA
Current City: Chico, CA
Occupation: Student & Project Engineer

Describe one of your favorite memories.
For the past year and a half of college I lived in this really old house with eleven other people, most of whom were musicians or art majors. This house looked like it was from a movie because it was so old and rickety–a classic college house. I was so skeptical about it when I first moved in because I can be a little bit introverted and finicky, and this house was everything but orderly. In the end I found that I’ve never been so attached to a house or group of people. The whole year and a half was a giant memory. The day before we all had to move out we had a huge graduation party with all of our family and friends and I was so proud and grateful to have been a part of such a unique group of friends.

Who is your biggest inspiration?
I am so lucky to be surrounded by people who inspire me. All of my good friends are the most creative and talented people and I am so moved by their passions whether it be writing, photography, or music. My college degree and job choice in engineering is practical but all the artistic talent blossoming around me is contagious.

What’s the best lesson you’ve learned from heartbreak or being in love?
The best lesson I learned from love was moving on from a relationship and having to be truly single and on my own for a substantial amount of time.  It really made me change the way I understood relationships. I made the most incredible friends and my philosophy on life completely shifted. When you’re content by yourself it really raises the bar for anyone who wants to come along and be a part of your life.

I suppose it should be noted that I am back together with that same original boyfriend so it is arguable that I didn’t learn very much about love, but I can guarantee I learned a lot about myself… We’ve grown so it’s totally different–don’t worry.

What’s your favorite part of the day?
The morning. I love the idea that every day is completely new and unknown. Every morning feels like a new start and I am most productive and motivated in the morning.  My roommate living in the room below me isn’t nearly as enthusiastic about my early rising but I really can’t help it.

What is your current obsession? Lifelong obsession?
Currently I am obsessing over planning a trip to Southeast Asia. The plan is to spend the month of January backpacking through Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, and Malaysia, and I’m so excited I can hardly wait.

I really hope that in twenty years I can say I am obsessing over a different trip. Needless to say I am assuming travel is my lifelong obsession. The places on my must-visit list just keep growing.

How/where do you envision your dream home/apartment/living space?
Right now I would love to live in an apartment in San Francisco with a certain best friend… But in a couple years my dream home would be to live in a quaint old house on the outskirts of San Francisco close to a park where I can take my Bernese Mountain dog (that doesn’t exist yet).

What makes you nervous?
The idea of starting a career after college used to really make me nervous. For the first time in my life formal education is over and every choice seems so indefinite. Recently I have really made peace with the idea and I am so excited at the prospects. There’s this idea that when we’re done with college we’re supposed to have the perfect plan and know exactly what we want to pursue. At this point, I think that after college is when we really begin exploring who we are and what we want to do with our lives.


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