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Do you ever get that feeling like you’re just going to burst because there’s so much you want to do and see and create and discover? I’m inspired by so many things lately and it just makes me want to do stuff. Make pretty things. Dream big ideas. Sometimes I get so insanely inspired that I become overwhelmed with the enormity of my plans and let them sit in my head instead of bringing them to life. This is an act in progress.

I read this article the other day on Darling Magazine and it made me think about living in different cities and the effects of moving. Lately I find myself always comparing San Francisco to New York. It is my base, my sense of measurement for this new city. People always describe New York as the place they dreamed of, the place they can’t believe they live in because it’s so amazing, the “city of dreams.” I never understood because New York wasn’t that place for me.

It was only once I moved here that I came to understand what they meant because it is what I say about San Francisco. Every day, I can’t believe that I get to call this city my home. That the ocean is an everyday view, not a sight appreciated just on vacations. That the weather is perfect with no humidity, a lovely range of sunshine and clouds. That I’m interning in one of the most creative environments I’ve set foot in and finally feel at home.

But most of all, that I feel a sense of opportunity here. This city makes me feel like I can do anything, that the possibilities are endless. I don’t feel rushed or inferior as I often did in New York. Instead I have this weird sense of calmness and understanding that everything is going to unfold just as it’s supposed to. There are still moments when I panic about not having a real job and not having enough money. But somehow, it’s easier here to accept what it is and remember that life is happening whether I realize it or not. It’s easier to remind myself that the point of all this is to simply enjoy it. I can see my life in a bigger picture and the adventure staring back at me is so exhilarating. It’s such a happy and strange feeling to know that I orchestrated this for myself.

Of course, these are just a few musings after only a couple weeks. Being here by myself is really lonely sometimes, and I miss the verge of autumn at home. What makes it easier is knowing I can always go home. It makes me really proud to tell people I’m from New York. You can take the girl out of NY, but you can’t take the NY out of the girl. ♥

PS – Book review and apartment tour coming soon, I promise!


Author: Rachael

Book lover + editor, feminist, California soul + New York state of mind.

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  1. LOVE it Rachael!! You go girl!!! I’m proud of you too!!1=!

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