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1. Chalkboard Wall Calendar & Nail and Yarn Wall ArtThere is nothing I’ve been craving more for the last few months than to be able to decorate my own place knowing that I’ll be there for a while. As you know, my apartment is meh. In my life, who knows how long I’m going to be ANYWHERE at this point? It’s a love/hate thing, but mostly love lately. Still, I want to beautify. I love turning a living space into home. These DIYS are first on my list for when I finally do have a more permanent place. The nail and yarn art looks a bit tricky, but so worth it.

PicMonkey Collage

2. Paper Riot’s Picture This. I was reading my book blogs like us book nerds/bloggers do and I came across a new one called Paper Riot. She has an awesome feature where she has fellow books bloggers share five pictures that are mostly book-related but also just life. Um, sign me up please. I filled out the form and am hoping I will get to share sometime soon. I’m such a sucker for things like that. Swooooon.


3. The Everygirl’s Career Features. These are addicting. Also depressing because I want to be every single one of these fabulous women and I’m only 22 and I don’t know what I’m doing with my life and why can’t I start my own business and… Anyway. Crystal Gentilello of Rue Magazine really stuck out to me. This was my favorite part: “What advice would you have for anyone considering relocating to a new city? Go where your heart is calling you to go and where you feel most alive. Not where you think you ‘should’ go.” When I move to San Francisco without a job, this will be my justification. Just a heads up. But really though, amazing advice, am I right?


4. Gap Denim Shirt. Turns out what I thought was a denim shirt is really chambray (come on, like I know the difference). Well, I’m still enamored. Μy sister will probably think it’s the most hideous thing she’s ever seen in her life, but I always disregard her opinion because in my opinion, she has no fashion sense (and she thinks the same of me). So there’s that. Who knew that one shirt could be so versatile? I plan on wearing this baby over dresses, tucked into skirts, with black capris… The perfect lightness for summer, too. But let me guess—this shirt has been in your closet for weeks already. Fine with it. Also, I’ve been searching for a really beautiful high-low skirt. Any suggestions?

Gap shirt


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