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1. Soft Ice Cream. It’s nothing like home, but it’ll do, especially since the ice cream truck comes by daily blaring its tell-tale song. I did have a nice (aka on my way home from the beer garden) conversation with the ice cream man to get the scoop on exactly what time he comes by so I can prepare. Growing up in a dead-end neighborhood, I never had to master the art of hearing the alert, scrambling to scrounge up enough spare change (dollars are precious), and running out to get it before it drives by. Now it’s an issue. I’m working on it.


2. Online Book Club. I have a new dream in life that involves starting a book club where we read books, drink Pinot Grigio, and eat macarons surrounded by bookshelves, pillows, and fluffy blankets. I guess joining Literary Junkies will do for now. Below is my heaven, as is this website.

3. A Daily Something and Life of BonFellow bloggies: Is there nothing better than falling in love with a new blog? *collective sigh of infatuation* (For all you non-bloggies, there is not. Get on it.)
a-daily-something-headerheader april 2 2013

4. Lady Antebellum’s “Goodbye Town” lyrics. They bring me back.

Right there’s the high school where we met
We’d sneak out back for a couple kisses and a cigarette
In that parking lot was our first date . . .

I can’t erase the memories
And I can’t burn the whole place down . . .

No, this ain’t nothing,
Nothing but a goodbye town . . . 


Author: Rachael

Book lover + editor, feminist, California soul + New York state of mind.

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