Tips from an Ice Cream Connoisseur

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Little Rachy had an unhealthy obsession with ice cream. 
It seems like it was always around for the big occasions in 
life—birthdays, first dates, any and all dates, reunions, celebrations,
 crying sessions, everyday/just because/random times. The plethora of 
amazing ice cream shops are just one of the things I miss about home in 
the summer. Here’s a little roundup for those in the 
SGF/Queensbury/Gansevoort area this summer (and also just because I like
 to talk about ice cream and home and exercise my expertise on the 


This hometown staple will always be #1 in my heart because I grew 
up on it and lottery tickets and beer are also available for purchase. 
Basically a one-stop dream shop. I did have a minor meltdown when they 
discontinued my all-time favorite flavor, Box of Chocolates, but I’m 
almost over that (I mean not really, but anyway…). Personally I enjoy the G’Voort (entertainment)
and Bluebird Road (overall atmosphere and optimal seating) 
locations. Go here for: milkshakes and hand-packed or pre-packed pints. 

Mr. Bill’s Car Hop

Oh, Mr. Bill’s. I love you and hate you, but I
 can’t deny that you have the BEST brownie sundae in town. Two things 
I’ve learned about this place: don’t go here unless you want to see half
 your graduating class, and they close at 9, so unless you want to be the
 jerks sitting at the picnic tables with the lights off as I’m 
half-proud to admit we’ve done, don’t count on this place as a 
late-night spot. Go here for: brownie sundaes, banana milkshake, large 
order of curly fries.

Rob & Deb’s Frozen Dreams

I know people argue about Rob and Deb’s vs. Martha’s, but in my opinion, Frozen
 Dreams takes the ice cream cake. My dad and I always go before Eagles’ 
baseball games and try to sneak it in but it never works as we’re not the stealthiest and Dad likes to follow the rules. Be sure to 
grab multiple copies of their flavor calendar so you know exactly when 
to show up. They also have delicious ice cream cakes. Go here for: 
medium orange cream twist or banana in a dish with chocolate dip.

Dairy Haus

I saved the best for last. This is the hidden secret of all the 
land. It is cheap, it is delicious, and it has cool swing chairs. What I
 love most about this place is they have SO many flavors of homemade 
hard ice cream. It also takes about 20 minutes to get there from my 
house, so it’s perfect for a car jam session with the windows down right
 around dusk. Go here for: Oreo.

Honorable Mention

Bob’s in Lake George is a solid choice if you’re up there.


Author: Rachael

Book lover + editor, feminist, California soul + New York state of mind.

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