Writing About Not Writing


Be unique / be yourself. Figure out what the heck you’re doing / just have fun. Have a goal / live in the present. Be an adult / be a 20-something. Make money / do what you love.
Contradictions much?

As much as this can be said for life, it’s also true for blogging. I haven’t been writing because I’m scared. Scared that my blog isn’t professional enough, that it’s not fun enough, that it’s not smart enough, that it’s not ME. I’m constantly censoring myself because I know whatever I write is going to be posted, and who knows who is reading this (besides Mom and Grandma)… I’m tired of feeling like I can’t write this or that or that I’M GOING CRAZY because the edited version isn’t the real picture. And what I want most of all is for this blog to be real. This is me giving myself permission to be myself on da blog. So if you are reading this, please remember that and be kind to this girl trying to bare her soul over here. Here’s to hoping you’ll accept the messy and crazy from here on out. Xoxo.


Author: Rachael

Book lover + editor, feminist, California soul + New York state of mind.

2 thoughts on “Writing About Not Writing

  1. Love this post. Go for it missy :) <3

  2. Rachael, I enjoy everything you write. Keep it up. Gramma

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