Wedding Night

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I’ve been a fan of Sophie Kinsella’s for a while now (she had me at Shopaholic, of course) and so I was incredibly excited to take the Wedding Night galley home from work a few weeks ago. We get advanced copies of books coming out in upcoming months so we can review them for the magazine. The book is being released April 23, for all you other fans out there.


Wedding Night follows sisters Lottie and Fliss down a long and winding “Unfortunate Choice,” as Fliss likes to call Lottie’s terrible post-breakup decisions. Flighty and hopeless romantic Lottie is positive that her long-time boyfriend Richard is going to propose. When he proposes a trip abroad instead, she’s devastated. Enter Ben, her steamy lover from a vacation in Greece when she was 18. The two decide to get hitched ASAP, causing Fliss to pick up the pieces as she does everything in her power to derail Lottie’s most recent Unfortunate Choice. Kinsella’s trademark hilarious happenstances occur throughout the book, which made me laugh out loud. The characters are so unbelievable yet they’re so endearing that you can’t help but root for them the whole way. This definitely wasn’t my favorite of hers, but it didn’t disappoint either. The theatrics kept it interesting enough, but sometimes it just felt like it wasn’t going anywhere. Still, it’s fun and light-hearted—perfect for a quick read. I would also recommend (again) Twenties Girl, which is my absolute favorite and possibly the funniest book I’ve read.

Next on the list. . . I started My Name is Memory by Ann Brashares, but I was finding it a little hard to get into. Maybe I’ll try again. Then there’s Silver Linings Playbook (yes, it’s a book too!), Gone Girl, A Fault in Our Stars. . . The list goes on. As always, I’d love your suggestions.


Author: Rachael

Book lover + editor, feminist, California soul + New York state of mind.

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  1. I definitely recommend Gone Girl, my mom loved it too! :)

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