Clean Slates & Confessions


What a crazy few weeks it’s been! I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday. Lately I’ve been doing a lot of thinking and not a lot of blog writing. It’s been hard to find the right words, or any words at all. Figuring out your life at 22 is pretty difficult, as I’m learning. But I suppose it’s all part of the process. I’m excited for a new year and new memories. There’s just something about having a clean slate, a fresh start. We all deserve that.

Also, I have a confession. After declaring Fifty Shades of Grey to be not worth the read, I picked it up again over break. And now I have to say that I have officially joined the hordes of women who are falling even more in love with Christian Grey with each page turned. There, I admitted it… As much as it pains me to do so. Reviews to come!


 Surviving the freezing temperatures at the Bills game with Jack.


Bella with her bow. TOO CUTE.


Enjoying Christmas Eve with my favorite ladies.


Backyard at home after the big snowfall.

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Author: Rachael

Book lover + editor, feminist, California soul + New York state of mind.

4 thoughts on “Clean Slates & Confessions

  1. YES FIFTY SHADES OF GRAY. I might reread them soon just because well, my life is boring and Christian Gray is fun to daydream about… :)

  2. OH NO fifty shades of gray, haha. Actually, since I haven’t read it, I’m not allowed to judge. I hate to tell you, but being 23 hasn’t been any less settled so far, but I’m sure we’ll figure it out :) And your dog is absolutely adorable!

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