Then and Now

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Nicole and I getting ready to go kayaking in Wales. In wet suits.

A year ago today, I was studying abroad in London. It was during this trip that I met one of my best friends, Nicole (read the complete story here). I have never laughed with anyone as much as I laughed with her on our trip. We had a somewhat… nontraditional Thanksgiving in London. When everyone else was invited to London friends’ flats or were going somewhere with an American-style feast, Nicole and I made “chili.” By chili, I mean we threw in some beans, tomatoes and chili powder and called it a meal. I joke, but it was pretty good. To make our holiday even better, we watched Thirteen. Turns out the movie isn’t as good at 21-years-old. We were both terrified. Isn’t it crazy to think about where you were a year ago?

I’m so thankful for my time abroad spent with such an amazing friend, and for every experience since then. I’m thankful for my loving and always supportive parents, my sister,who allows me to truly be myself, my family and friends near and far, and Jack, for making me feel loved from miles away. Oh and Bella, who is simply too adorable and makes me smile all the time. I’m also thankful for this blog, which has become something I look forward to in the midst of writing about style steals and beauty DIYs. I’ve officially fallen in love with the blog world and can’t wait to continue working on mine. So thank YOU for reading. Your comments, feedback and encouragement mean so much to me.

Wishing you all a happy and wonderful Thanksgiving! Xo. ♥


Author: Rachael

Book lover + editor, feminist, California soul + New York state of mind.

One thought on “Then and Now

  1. Keep up the good work, I so enjoy reading your blogs. Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Love you, Gramma

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