Dear NYC, You Are Weird


New York City and I have a love/hate relationship. I moved here because it is home to the biggest and best national magazines. Already I have seen some of the most amazing places (inside the Hearst Building), met some great people (my roommate) and tried street food that they just don’t have back in SGF (Halal). On the other hand, I could go on and on about the hassles and downsides of the city but I’ve realized, what’s the point? I’m here. I’m going to enjoy it. Because all I’m really trying to do is figure out this big place and how to make a space for myself in it.

Here are a few highlight incidents from my time spent here so far. For all you veteran New Yorkers, humor me.

1. My roommate and I were in line at the Baskin Robbins/Dunkin’ Donuts, ready for tasty pints of ice cream to devour while watching Grey’s. We pored over the options behind the glass counter in our sweatpants, oblivious to the scene unfolding behind us. Finally we turned around to see a tall, muscular man putting handcuffs on a woman who had been seated at one of the nearby tables. Now, this man was neither a policeman or an undercover cop (if you had seen him, you would know). The woman seemed defeated yet indignant as she snarled, “What are you lookin’ at?” to the people seated at the table beside her. And then they walked out. And that was that. Just a casual evening encounter at the local Baskin Robbins/Dunkin’ Donuts.

2. After a few homemade vodka sodas, my roommate and I were ready for our first night out on the town together. We headed over to an Irish bar in the next neighborhood and took seats at the bar as we waited for a few of her friends to show up. As I sipped my beer, I suddenly felt a hand tap me on the shoulder. I turned around to find a man holding up a twenty.

“I think you dropped this,” he said.

“Let me check,” I said as I rifled through my purse. Not seeing the $20 I had brought with me, I figured it must be mine. “Thank you so much!”

He and his buddies left the bar just as I found my original $20 in my purse, in addition to the one he just handed me. I felt bad, but it was an honest mistake. After my roommate’s friends arrived, we migrated to a corner booth and were chatting amongst ourselves as a man approached our table.

“I think this is yours,” he said to me, holding up a $20 bill. I told him that couldn’t possibly be mine, but he was bent on giving it to me. Reluctantly, I accepted the bill. My dream of free money came true that night, and I still have no idea why.

3. I was waiting for the R train (rather impatiently I might add, which means I did not look happy) so I could rush back to my apartment, grab my bag and head home for the weekend. All of a sudden, a hand tapped me on the shoulder (what’s with the shoulder tapping?). Since I know about five people in NYC and there was a very slim chance that it was one of those five people, I turned around feeling a bit frightened. Sure enough, I had never before seen the youngish man with dark hair who stood before me.

“I just wanted to say I think you’re really pretty,” he informed me.

“Oh… Thanks,” I said. Translation: Who are you? Go away. Thankfully, my train pulled up at that exact moment.

“Are you taking the R?” he asked.

“Yep,” I said, hoping hoping hoping that he wasn’t taking the same train.

“Oh man, I’m taking the N.” Yes! 

“Nice to meet you!” I said as I rushed onto the train and tried to process what just happened. Like, WHAT. Seriously.

On the book front, I just finished Sarah Dessen‘s Along for the Ride. It was my second time reading it and was just amazing as the first time. Rereading her books always gives me a weird sense of comfort. Her ability to create such lovable high school characters and settings is simply perfect.

When I went home last weekend, I finally bought J.K. Rowling’s new book! I could’ve bought it earlier on my Nook, but I wanted to have the actual book to complete my collection. Loving it so far, although it was a bit confusing in the beginning (maybe that’s because it wasn’t Harry Potter?).

What’s your favorite read so far this season?


Author: Rachael

Book lover + editor, feminist, California soul + New York state of mind.

4 thoughts on “Dear NYC, You Are Weird

  1. When I was kid I always dreamed of moving to New York. That thing about the 20 bucks… I wish that would happen to me!

  2. I enjoyed reading about your NYC experiences. Just be careful!!! Gramma

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