The Man of My Dreams


First of all, I’d just like to say one thing about the Nicholas Sparks novel I just read, The Best of Me (spoiler alert!). I get that a tragedy is an inevitable part of the plot, but WHY didn’t Amanda care more when Dawson died!??! I mean, I know she was devastated, but I just hated the ending when she felt his heart beating inside her son. I wish she would’ve appreciated Dawson more. Basically, I wish she and Dawson ended up together, but I guess that’s the hopeless romantic in me. End of rant.

Today, I finished The Man of My Dreams by Curtis Sittenfeld. It had been on my list for a while, so I finally downloaded it on my Nook. I also read her other novel, Prep, a while ago and liked it a lot so I knew I’d probably like this one as well. Do you ever read a book at the most perfect time in your life? Like you can relate to everything going on because that’s exactly what you’re going through (or have already gone through), too? This book was like that for me. I can’t imagine having read it at a younger age because I feel like I wouldn’t have related or understood it as well I as I did now. Even still, there were parts that I just didn’t get. What I loved most about this hauntingly beautiful and strange (in an amazing way) book was its ability to get inside my head and spread my thoughts so clearly on the pages before me. I could relate very easily to Hannah, the protagonist, even though our lives are completely different.

It was so  spot on with thoughts and feelings, though, that it makes you wonder if everyone has felt the same feelings as you at some point or the other. Obviously, we all feel the same emotions, share similar thoughts and ideas. But there’s something so intimate and special about knowing that the interaction has occurred between you and just one other person (or character/author, rather). I haven’t read a book that has made me think like this one did in such a long time. It just felt so good. And sad. Most of all, it reminds me why I, and so many other people, write in the first place: to make people feel inspired, to hopefully enable them to experience the same thing I feel when I read the perfect sentence or combination of words, to create a virtual relationship or flicker of recognition that helps them relate to me in some way, big or small.


Author: Rachael

Book lover + editor, feminist, California soul + New York state of mind.

2 thoughts on “The Man of My Dreams

  1. I figured it out! I actually really enjoy reading your blog!! now I know what books to read next :)

  2. aw that makes me so happy! glad you like it :) let me know any good books you’ve read lately too!

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